September 2024 Calendar with Holidays – USA, UK, Canada

You’ll find that the September 2024 calendar with holidays across different countries, each with its unique significance.

In the USA, Labor Day on September 2nd kicks off the month, offering a break from work for many. Meanwhile, the UK has its Harvest Festival, and Canada also observes Labor Day.

What about Germany’s Oktoberfest starting on the 21st, or Malaysia Day on the 16th in both Malaysia and Singapore?

These are just a few highlights, but there’s much more to explore about how different cultures celebrate September. Curious about what else is in store?

Printable September 2024 USA Calendar
Printable September 2024 USA Calendar

September 2024 Holidays Calendar

As you plan your activities for September 2024, having a comprehensive free September 2024 holiday calendar at your fingertips can make all the difference.

A 2024 September holiday calendar is invaluable for organizing your month efficiently.

Whether you prefer a September 2024 holidays calendar Excel format for easy customization or a September 2024 holidays calendar PDF for quick reference, options abound.

Utilizing a 2024 September holiday calendar ensures you don’t miss any important events, allowing you to balance work and leisure seamlessly.

Download your preferred format and start planning a productive and enjoyable September.

September 2024 UK Calendar Free
September 2024 South Africa Holiday Calendar PDF
September 2024 South Africa Holiday Calendar PDF
September 2024 Singapore Holiday Calendar Template
September 2024 Malaysia Notable Holiday Calendar
September 2024 Malaysia Notable Holiday Calendar
September 2024 Italy Calendar To Print

2024 September Calendar with Holidays

For those keen on detailed planning, the September 2024 holiday calendar template offers its own set of holidays worth noting.

Depending on where you live, you might see different observances. It’s a day after Labor Day in the USA, providing a chance to extend your celebrations.

It might coincide with regional festivals in other countries, such as India. Make sure you mark your 2024 calendar and leverage this day for a quick getaway or some quality family time.

Even if it’s not a public holiday in your country, consider using it for personal rejuvenation. By staying informed and organized, you can maximize your time off and maintain a healthy balance.

Don’t miss out on planning!

September 2024 India Calendar
September 2024 India Calendar
September 2024 Germany Holiday Calendar Free Printable
September 2024 Calendar With Philippines Holiday

September 2024 USA, UK, Canada & More Calendar

Explore the diverse holidays and events in the September 2024 calendar for the USA, UK, Canada, and more. Each country offers unique celebrations and observances that can fill your month with exciting plans.

Many countries like USA, UK, Germany, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, and Singapore have their specific holidays and cultural events that make September special.

We already mark these dates on our 2024 September holiday calendar to make the most of your time and create memorable experiences with family and friends.

September 2024 Australia Holiday Calendar Word
New Zealand September 2024 Calendar

September 2024 Holidays List

Discover the full list of holidays in September 2024, so you can plan your month effectively and enjoy your time off.

2 SepMondayLabor Day
6 SepFridayGanesh Chaturthi
7 SepSaturdayCarl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
7 SepSaturdayNative American Day
8 SepSundayNational Grandparents Day
9 SepMondayCalifornia Admission Day
11 SepWednesdayFirst Responders Day
11 SepWednesdayPatriot Day
11 SepWednesdayPatriot Day
15 SepSundayNational Hispanic Heritage Month Starts
15 SepSundayConstitution Commemoration Day
16 SepMondayThe Prophet’s Birthday (Tentative)
17 SepTuesdayConstitution Day and Citizenship Day
18 SepWednesdayAir Force Birthday
20 SepFridayNational POW/MIA Recognition Day
22 SepSundayEmancipation Day
22 SepSundaySeptember Equinox
23 SepMondayAmerican Indian Day
27 SepFridayNative American Day
27 SepFridayAmerican Indian Heritage Day
27 SepFridayMichigan Indian Day
28 SepSaturdayPublic Lands Day
28 SepSaturdayNational Public Lands Day
29 SepSundayGold Star Mother’s Day


As September 2024 unfolds, you’ll find a tapestry of celebrations around the globe.

While Americans and Canadians take a break for Labor Day, the UK revels in its Harvest Festival.

Meanwhile, Germany’s lively Oktoberfest contrasts with the solemn National Heroes Day in the Philippines.

Malaysia and Singapore unite for Malaysia Day, and India honors Ganesh Chaturthi.

Each event, whether festive or reflective, weaves a rich cultural fabric that makes September a month you won’t forget.

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