October 2024 Lunar Calendar Template With Moon Phases

Exploring the October 2024 lunar calendar can help you plan your month around the moon’s phases. By referring to our lunar calendar, you’ll know exactly when each phase occurs.

This calendar offers a clear visual guide to the moon’s cycle throughout 2024 October.

Ideal for those who track moon phases or enjoy stargazing.

Make sure you don’t miss any lunar events.

Discover how you can align your plans with these celestial milestones.

Lunar Phases October 2024 Calendar Free

October 2024 Lunar Calendar Phases

The Lunar October 2024 calendar provides detailed insights into the new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.

Using the lunar calendar of October 2024, you can schedule activities like stargazing, gardening, or even setting intentions based on the moon phases.

2024 October Lunar Templates Calendar
2024 October Lunar Templates Calendar
Moon Phases of October 2024 Calendar
Lunar October 2024 Calendar
Lunar October 2024 Calendar

Moon Phases October 2024

The October 2024 moon phases calendar shows the exact dates of all moon phases. This makes it simple to coordinate activities or just enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

With the October 2024 calendar For moon phases, You will get a well-structured overview of the whole month, helping you coordinate your schedule with important astronomical occurrences.

Plan your peaceful vacation with our October 2024 Holiday Calendar.

October 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
October 2024 Moon Calendar
October 2024 Moon Calendar

October Moon Phases 2024

1 🌘2 🌘3 🌑4 🌒5 🌒6 🌒
7 🌒8 🌒9 🌒10 🌓11 🌓12 🌔13 🌔14 🌔
15 🌔16 🌔17 🌕18 🌕19 🌖20 🌖21 🌖22 🌖
23 🌖24 🌖25 🌗26 🌗27 🌘28 🌘29 🌘30 🌘
31 🌘
  • 🌑 New Moon
  • 🌒 Waxing Crescent
  • 🌓 First Quarter
  • 🌔 Waxing Gibbous
  • 🌕 Full Moon
  • 🌖 Waning Gibbous
  • 🌗 Last Quarter
  • 🌘 Waning Crescent


You have everything you need to navigate October 2024 by using the moon as a reference.

This Lunar October Calendar 2024 template, complete with moon phases, is your beacon in the night, helping you plan and reflect with celestial precision.

Don’t let the moon’s cycles pass you by—embrace them! As they say, “Make hay while the moon shines.”

So go ahead, print your template, and let the moonlight lead your way this October.

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