Free Yearly Calendar 2024 Printable Blank Templates PDF, Word, Excel

Tired of endless searches for 2024 yearly calendars? No worries! We’re here to provide you with free downloadable 12 month 2024 calendar one page printables in PDF, Word, Excel to print in Landscape & Portrait layouts.

But before we delve into that, let’s explore why calendars are indispensable tools for managing time effectively.

The calendar is more than just a tool; it’s your trusted companion in navigating the complexities of daily life.

Whether you’re juggling numerous responsibilities or seeking to optimize your routines, a well-organized 12 month one page calendar can make all the difference. As our obligations multiply, effective planning becomes paramount.

But fear not! With our free printable yearly calendar templates for 2024, you can embark on your most productive and fulfilling year yet.

Why Use a 2024 Yearly Calendar?

In today’s fast-paced world, where work often takes precedence and time is a precious commodity, a well-structured calendar is your ally for a smooth and balanced life.

From managing your daily tasks to harmonizing your personal and professional commitments, a 2024 calendar offers endless possibilities.

Free Printable 2024 Calendar Template

How To Plan Your 2024 Year Calendar?

Planning your calendar for 2024 is as personal as it gets. Whether you’re scheduling daily activities, weekly priorities, or monthly goals, the key is to start with a list of all your important tasks and commitments.

Prioritize them and allocate dedicated time for each activity.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reassess and refine your schedule. Conversely, if you have spare time, consider adding activities that bring you joy and enrichment.

Simple 2024 Yearly Calendar

Utilize Your 2024 Calendar for:

Daily Activities: Whether you’re a professional or an entrepreneur, effective time management is crucial. With around 7-8 hours dedicated to work, it’s essential to meet the expectations of stakeholders while also tending to your personal life. For Tracking day-to-day tasks, you should use a daily planner template which is free to download.

Event Management: 2024 Calendars are indispensable for scheduling and tracking events, from appointments to travel itineraries. With customization options, you can categorize events, set reminders, and coordinate with colleagues or family.

Boosting Productivity: Harness the power of your calendar to enhance productivity and streamline your efforts. Whether you’re a diligent worker or seeking improvement, a well-organized schedule can make tasks more manageable.

Meeting Deadlines: With the help of a calendar 2024, you can seamlessly manage daily responsibilities and track impending deadlines. Start planning from the moment you realize the importance of organization.

Remembering Important Dates: Don’t let birthdays, anniversaries, or meetings slip your mind. Document essential dates in your calendar to stay organized and well-prepared.

Cultivating Habits: Use your calendar to develop new habits by scheduling dedicated time for activities that contribute to your personal growth and well-being.

Free Printable 2024 Calendar Templates

Our printable 2024 calendars serve as gentle reminders to keep you on track. Whether it’s study sessions, leisure activities, or work commitments, our calendars are versatile tools for shaping a fulfilling life.

Free 2024 Word Calendar To Print
Free 2024 Word Calendar To Print
Free 2024 Printable Calendar to do list
Floral 2024 Monthly Calendar
Floral 2024 Monthly Calendar
Cute Yealry 2024 Calendar Download
Cute 2024 Calendar
2024 landscape calendar
Simple 2024 calendar
12 Month Calendar one page template with notes
12 Month Calendar one page template with notes


Here we are presenting a unique collection of May calendar 2024 month which is easy to print, edit, and download for free of cost. According to Gregorian and Julian calendars, May is the 5th month of 2024 and has 31 days. Read More

may 2024 editable calendar

We are back with Free June Calendar 2024 printable monthly in various layouts and templates. Plan your June month schedule by downloading and printing these free templates which are available in PDF Word Excel formats. Read More

June 2024 Calendar Excel

Now let’s talk about the July 2024 Calendar which is going to be shared here free of cost. Everyone can download and print out the newly designed calendars from our website. The seventh month of the year is July with 31 days in the month. Read More

July 2024 Calendar Printable Free

2024 Federal Holidays in the United States

Plan your special days by noting all federal holidays in 2024. From celebrations to relaxation, our calendars help you make the most of your time off.

Date Name
1 JanSundayNew Year’s Day
1 JanSundayNew Year’s Day
1 JanSundayNew Year’s Day
2 JanMondayNew Year’s Day (substitute)
2 JanMondayNew Year’s Day (substitute)
3 JanTuesdayAsarah B’Tevet
6 JanFridayEpiphany
7 JanSaturdayOrthodox Christmas Day
7 JanSaturdayEstelle Reel Day
8 JanSundayBattle of New Orleans
13 JanFridayStephen Foster Memorial Day
14 JanSaturdayOrthodox New Year
16 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. Day
16 JanMondayMartin Luther King Jr. Day
16 JanMondayRobert E. Lee’s Birthday
16 JanMondayIdaho Human Rights Day
16 JanMondayCivil Rights Day
19 JanThursdayRobert E. Lee’s Birthday
19 JanThursdayState Holiday
19 JanThursdayConfederate Heroes’ Day
22 JanSundayLunar New Year
29 JanSundayKansas Day
1 FebWednesdayNational Freedom Day
1 FebWednesdayNational Girls and Women in Sports Day
1 FebWednesdayFirst Day of Black History Month
2 FebThursdayGroundhog Day
3 FebFridayNational Wear Red Day
4 FebSaturdayRosa Parks Day
4 FebSaturdayRosa Parks Day
6 FebMondayTu Bishvat/Tu B’Shevat
6 FebMondayRonald Reagan Day
12 FebSundayLincoln’s Birthday
12 FebSundayLincoln’s Birthday
12 FebSundayGeorgia Day
12 FebSundaySuper Bowl
13 FebMondayLincoln’s Birthday observed
14 FebTuesdayValentine’s Day
14 FebTuesdayStatehood Day
15 FebWednesdaySusan B. Anthony’s Birthday
16 FebThursdayElizabeth Peratrovich Day
18 FebSaturdayMaha Shivaratri
18 FebSaturdayIsra and Mi’raj
20 FebMondayPresidents’ Day
20 FebMondayPresidents’ Day
20 FebMondayPresidents’ Day
20 FebMondayDaisy Gatson Bates Day
21 FebTuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
21 FebTuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
22 FebWednesdayAsh Wednesday
25 FebSaturdayAfrican-American Scientist and Inventor Day
25 FebSaturdayGeorge Rogers Clark Day
28 FebTuesdayLinus Pauling Day
1 MarWednesdaySt. David’s Day
1 MarWednesdayFirst Day of Women’s History Month
1 MarWednesdayFirst Day of Irish American Heritage Month
2 MarThursdayTexas Independence Day
2 MarThursdayRead Across America Day
3 MarFridayEmployee Appreciation Day
4 MarSaturdayCasimir Pulaski Day
6 MarMondayCasimir Pulaski Day
7 MarTuesdayHoli
7 MarTuesdayPurim
7 MarTuesdayTown Meeting Day
12 MarSundayDaylight Saving Time starts
17 MarFridaySt. Patrick’s Day
17 MarFridayEvacuation Day
20 MarMondayMarch Equinox
23 MarThursdayRamadan Starts
25 MarSaturdayMaryland Day
26 MarSundayPrince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day
27 MarMondayPrince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day observed
27 MarMondaySeward’s Day
29 MarWednesdayNational Vietnam War Veterans Day
30 MarThursdayWyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day
30 MarThursdayDoctors’ Day
30 MarThursdayVietnam Veterans Day
31 MarFridayCésar Chávez Day
2 AprSundayPalm Sunday
2 AprSundayPascua Florida Day
3 AprMondayPascua Florida Day observed
5 AprWednesdayPassover Eve
6 AprThursdayMaundy Thursday
6 AprThursdayPassover (first day)
6 AprThursdayNational Tartan Day
7 AprFridayGood Friday
7 AprFridayState Holiday
8 AprSaturdayHoly Saturday
9 AprSundayEaster Sunday
10 AprMondayEaster Monday
13 AprThursdayLast Day of Passover
13 AprThursdayThomas Jefferson’s Birthday
14 AprFridayOrthodox Good Friday
15 AprSaturdayOrthodox Holy Saturday
15 AprSaturdayFather Damien Day
16 AprSundayOrthodox Easter
16 AprSundayEmancipation Day
17 AprMondayLailat al-Qadr
17 AprMondayOrthodox Easter Monday
17 AprMondayEmancipation Day observed
17 AprMondayPatriots’ Day
17 AprMondayBoston Marathon
18 AprTuesdayYom HaShoah
18 AprTuesdayTax Day
21 AprFridayEid al-Fitr
21 AprFridaySan Jacinto Day
21 AprFridayArbor Day
22 AprSaturdayOklahoma Day
24 AprMondayArbor Day
24 AprMondayConfederate Memorial Day
24 AprMondayConfederate Memorial Day
25 AprTuesdayNational Library Workers’ Day
26 AprWednesdayYom Ha’atzmaut
26 AprWednesdayConfederate Memorial Day
26 AprWednesdayState Holiday
26 AprWednesdayAdministrative Professionals Day
27 AprThursdayTake our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
28 AprFridayArbor Day
28 AprFridayArbor Day
1 MayMondayLaw Day
1 MayMondayLoyalty Day
1 MayMondayLei Day
1 MayMondayFirst Day of Military Appreciation Month
1 MayMondayFirst Day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
1 MayMondayFirst Day of Jewish American Heritage Month
2 MayTuesdayNational Teacher Appreciation Day
4 MayThursdayKent State Shootings Remembrance
4 MayThursdayNational Day of Prayer
4 MayThursdayRhode Island Independence Day
4 MayThursdayWest Virginia Day of Prayer
5 MayFridayCinco de Mayo
5 MayFridayKentucky Oaks
6 MaySaturdayKentucky Derby
6 MaySaturdayNational Nurses Day
6 MaySaturdayNational Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day
8 MayMondayTruman Day
8 MayMondayVictory in Europe Day
9 MayTuesdayLag BaOmer
10 MayWednesdayConfederate Memorial Day
10 MayWednesdayConfederate Memorial Day
12 MayFridayNative American Day
12 MayFridayMilitary Spouse Appreciation Day
12 MayFridayMilitary Spouse Appreciation Day
14 MaySundayMother’s Day
14 MaySundayMother’s Day
15 MayMondayPeace Officers Memorial Day
18 MayThursdayAscension Day
19 MayFridayNational Defense Transportation Day
20 MaySaturdayPublic Lands Day
20 MaySaturdayArmed Forces Day
20 MaySaturdayPreakness Stakes
22 MayMondayNational Maritime Day
22 MayMondayHarvey Milk Day
24 MayWednesdayEmergency Medical Services for Children Day
25 MayThursdayNational Missing Children’s Day
26 MayFridayShavuot
28 MaySundayPentecost
29 MayMondayWhit Monday
29 MayMondayMemorial Day
29 MayMondayDecoration Day
29 MayMondayJefferson Davis’ Birthday
1 JunThursdayFirst Day of Pride Month
1 JunThursdayFirst Day of Caribbean-American Heritage Month
1 JunThursdayStatehood Day
3 JunSaturdayJefferson Davis’ Birthday
4 JunSundayTrinity Sunday
4 JunSundayNative American Day
5 JunMondayJefferson Davis’ Birthday
6 JunTuesdayD-Day
8 JunThursdayCorpus Christi
10 JunSaturdayBelmont Stakes
11 JunSundayKamehameha Day
12 JunMondayKamehameha Day observed
12 JunMondayLoving Day
14 JunWednesdayArmy Birthday
14 JunWednesdayFlag Day
16 JunFridayJuneteenth
16 JunFridayJuneteenth Day
17 JunSaturdayBunker Hill Day
17 JunSaturdayJuneteenth Day
18 JunSundayFather’s Day
18 JunSundayFather’s Day
19 JunMondayJuneteenth
19 JunMondayJuneteenth National Freedom Day
19 JunMondayJuneteenth National Freedom Day
19 JunMondayJuneteenth
19 JunMondayJuneteenth Independence Day
19 JunMondayEmancipation Day
20 JunTuesdayWest Virginia Day
20 JunTuesdayAmerican Eagle Day
21 JunWednesdayJune Solstice
28 JunWednesdayEid al-Adha
28 JunWednesdayCarolina Day
3 JulMondayIndependence Day Holiday
4 JulTuesdayIndependence Day
4 JulTuesdayIndependence Day
13 JulThursdayNathan Bedford Forrest Day
14 JulFridayBastille Day
16 JulSundayRural Transit Day
19 JulWednesdayMuharram
23 JulSundayParents’ Day
24 JulMondayPioneer Day
27 JulThursdayTisha B’Av
27 JulThursdayKorean War Veteran Recognition Day
27 JulThursdayNational Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
28 JulFridayAshura
1 AugTuesdayColorado Day
4 AugFridayCoast Guard Birthday
4 AugFridayBarack Obama Day
6 AugSundayAmerican Family Day
7 AugMondayPurple Heart Day
7 AugMondayPurple Heart Day
14 AugMondayVictory Day
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of Mary
16 AugWednesdayBennington Battle Day
18 AugFridayHawaii Statehood Day
19 AugSaturdayNational Aviation Day
20 AugSundayNational Navajo Code Talkers Day
20 AugSundayNational Senior Citizens Day
26 AugSaturdaySusan B. Anthony Day
26 AugSaturdayWomen’s Equality Day
27 AugSundayLyndon Baines Johnson Day
30 AugWednesdayRaksha Bandhan
4 SepMondayLabor Day
4 SepMondayLabor Day
6 SepWednesdayJanmashtami
9 SepSaturdayCarl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
9 SepSaturdayNative American Day
9 SepSaturdayCalifornia Admission Day
10 SepSundayNational Grandparents Day
11 SepMondayFirst Responders Day
11 SepMondayPatriot Day
11 SepMondayPatriot Day
15 SepFridayFirst Day of National Hispanic Heritage Month
15 SepFridayNational POW/MIA Recognition Day
16 SepSaturdayRosh Hashana
16 SepSaturdayRosh Hashana
17 SepSundayConstitution Day and Citizenship Day
17 SepSundayConstitution Commemoration Day
18 SepMondayGanesh Chaturthi
18 SepMondayAir Force Birthday
18 SepMondayConstitution Day and Citizenship Day observed
22 SepFridayEmancipation Day
22 SepFridayNative American Day
22 SepFridayMichigan Indian Day
23 SepSaturdayPublic Lands Day
23 SepSaturdayNational Public Lands Day
23 SepSaturdaySeptember Equinox
24 SepSundayGold Star Mother’s Day
25 SepMondayYom Kippur
25 SepMondayAmerican Indian Day
25 SepMondayYom Kippur
28 SepThursdayThe Prophet’s Birthday
29 SepFridayAmerican Indian Heritage Day
30 SepSaturdayFirst Day of Sukkot
2 OctMondayFrances Xavier Cabrini Day
2 OctMondayChild Health Day
4 OctWednesdayFeast of St Francis of Assisi
6 OctFridayLast Day of Sukkot
6 OctFridayGerman American Day
7 OctSaturdayShmini Atzeret
8 OctSundaySimchat Torah
8 OctSundayChicago Marathon (Tentative Date)
9 OctMondayLeif Erikson Day
9 OctMondayLeif Erikson Day
9 OctMondayColumbus Day
9 OctMondayColumbus Day
9 OctMondayColumbus Day
9 OctMondayFraternal Day
9 OctMondayYorktown Victory Day
9 OctMondayDiscoverers’ Day
9 OctMondayNative American Day
9 OctMondayNative American Day
9 OctMondayIndigenous People’s Day (Tentative Date)
9 OctMondayIndigenous People’s Day
9 OctMondayIndigenous People’s Day
9 OctMondayAmerican Indian Heritage Day
11 OctWednesdayCasimir Pulaski Day
13 OctFridayNavy Birthday
14 OctSaturdayRobert E. Lee’s Birthday
15 OctSundayNavratri
15 OctSundayWhite Cane Safety Day
16 OctMondayBoss’s Day
18 OctWednesdayAlaska Day
21 OctSaturdaySweetest Day
23 OctMondayDussehra
27 OctFridayNevada Day
31 OctTuesdayHalloween
1 NovWednesdayAll Saints’ Day
1 NovWednesdayFirst Day of Native American Heritage Month
2 NovThursdayAll Souls’ Day
5 NovSundayNew York City Marathon
5 NovSundayDaylight Saving Time ends
7 NovTuesdayElection Day
7 NovTuesdayElection Day
10 NovFridayMarine Corps Birthday
10 NovFridayVeterans Day (substitute)
10 NovFridayVeterans Day (substitute)
11 NovSaturdayVeterans Day
11 NovSaturdayVeterans Day
11 NovSaturdayVeterans Day
12 NovSundayDiwali/Deepavali
13 NovMondayBarack Obama Day
13 NovMondayVeterans’ Day/Armistice Day (substitute)
19 NovSundayGeorge Rogers Clark Day
23 NovThursdayThanksgiving Day
23 NovThursdayThanksgiving Day
24 NovFridayState Holiday
24 NovFridayPresidents’ Day
24 NovFridayLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s Day
24 NovFridayDay After Thanksgiving
24 NovFridayBlack Friday
24 NovFridayAmerican Indian Heritage Day
24 NovFridayNative American Heritage Day
24 NovFridayNative American Heritage Day
27 NovMondayCyber Monday
28 NovTuesdayGiving Tuesday
29 NovWednesdayNellie Tayloe Ross’s Birthday
1 DecFridayRosa Parks Day
1 DecFridayRosa Parks Day
3 DecSundayFirst Sunday of Advent
6 DecWednesdaySt Nicholas Day
7 DecThursdayPearl Harbor Remembrance Day
7 DecThursdayPearl Harbor Remembrance Day
7 DecThursdayDelaware Day
8 DecFridayFeast of the Immaculate Conception
8 DecFridayChanukah/Hanukkah (first day)
10 DecSundayWyoming Day
12 DecTuesdayFeast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
13 DecWednesdayNational Guard Birthday
15 DecFridayLast Day of Chanukah
15 DecFridayBill of Rights Day
17 DecSundayPan American Aviation Day
17 DecSundayWright Brothers Day
21 DecThursdayDecember Solstice
22 DecFridayAsarah B’Tevet
24 DecSundayChristmas Eve
24 DecSundayChristmas Eve
25 DecMondayChristmas Day
25 DecMondayChristmas Day
25 DecMondayChristmas Eve
26 DecTuesdayKwanzaa (first day)
26 DecTuesdayDay After Christmas Day
31 DecSundayNew Year’s Eve
31 DecSundayNew Year’s Eve


In summary, our free printable 2024 yearly calendars are invaluable assets. They simplify life, ensuring punctuality and stress reduction.

By embracing organization, you effortlessly manage your commitments and seize every opportunity.

Get started on your journey to a well-structured and fulfilling year with our free calendar 2024 templates!

Happy Planning!

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